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Mike Harbour is one of the country’s leading golf teaching professionals. For over 25 years, Mike has had the privilege serving in many golf capacities from head golf club professional, Ivy League college golf coach as well as a devoted advocate to help mentally and physically challenged individuals either learn or re-learn the game of golf.

All of these experiences have led Mike back to the same passion; his desire and passion of helping people of all abilities learn and excel at the game of golf.

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Not only is Mike a golf teacher, but he is also a student of the game himself and has had the opportunity to learn from some of today’s most influential, respected and” Top 100”  golf instructors such as Hank Haney, Jim Hardy and David Stockton, Jr.  

Whether you are a recreational golfer, a ranked amateur or a seasoned tour professional, Mike Harbour Golf can help you realize your personal goals. Over his quarter century career, Mike has collaborated with PGA Tour Players such as Patrick Sheehan and Bart Bryant, Mike Capone, as well as LPGA Professional Anna Grzebien and Debbi Koyama who recently qualified for the 2010 LPGA Open with her victory in the Berberian European Motors Championship.

If you are ready to take your game to the next level, you should contact Mike Harbour Golf today. Mike Harbour Golf offers private golf lessons, group golf lessons, golf video swing analysis, golf clinics and on course instruction to simulate actual tour and competition playing conditions.

  Mike Harbour has been chosen as one of the top golf instructors in the U.S. by Golf Digest Magazine!


During the summer months (May through October) Mike teaches at Mulligan’s Island conveniently located just outside of Providence, Rhode Island. During the winter months (November through April), Mike teaches at SilverRock Resort located in Laquinta, California.


Call Mike Harbour Golf at 401-219-0139 or use the convenient Contact Form to share your goals and aspirations personally with Mike.


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