Mike Harbour Indoor Golf Center

Our Rhode Island Indoor Golf Center with 12 bays that can be rented by the 1/2 hour or hour is open from November 15th, 2016 (Monday through Friday from 10am to 7:30pm, Saturday and Sundays 9am to 6 pm).

until the outdoor season begins in New England. The facility features an 800 sq. ft short game area, ES14 launch monitors, mirrors and more. Lessons, clinics and monthly/seasonal memberships are available.

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The facility is also home to Tamburini Golf Performance Training in our 700 sq. ft. fitness room. Precision Golf Works offers full service club repair, fittings and more on site located near our short game area.

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  • Practice, Play 9 or 18
  • 5 Courses to Choose From: Pebble Beach, Turnberry Isles, Warwickshire Golf Club, Pasa Tiempo
  • Rented by the Hour

Weekdays – $40/hr, Weekends – $50/hr
*** The hour can be shared by 2-4 people
*** 18 holes with 4 golfers takes roughly 4 hours


Rhode Islands premier game improvement center

Located in Johnston, RI off Hartford Ave – just 10 minutes from downtown Providence

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26 Responses to “Rhode Island Indoor Golf Range, Fitness, Club Repair and more”

  1. Mary Ann Hewitt Hoew says:

    Looking forward to an indoor golf center to keep my swing going through the winter months

  2. Bridget Hagerty says:

    Looking forward to working with you this winter!

  3. Jim Mullen says:

    Please advise when the indoor practice facility will open and its location.
    Thank you.

    • mharbourgolf says:

      It will be open in December and it is in Johnston, RI. If you are not signed up for my newsletter yet please due so as we will be sending out Invitations to Grand Opening Weekend and also specials etc.

  4. Paul Richards says:

    Interested in your indoor center.

  5. Bill garneau says:

    Interested in indoor facility

  6. Paul Fuller says:

    Congrats on the new indoor center… I think there will be a huge demand in RI for this! I’ve met you a couple of times as you’ve coached many of my friends (and their kids) and I’ve heard nothing but great things about your approach to teaching! On a personal level I would love to get a slot to take lessons this winter… I generally score fairly well (low 80s) but serious swing issues (can you say, ‘over-the-top?’) make me inconsistent.
    On a professional level I was wondering if you’d like to make some ‘trade’ arrangement with the radio station I work for, 94 HJY. I host the morning show (Paul and Al Show) and would love to get the word out on your new venture… and perhaps we could trade ‘bay time’ (certificates we’d sell online) for running ads on our show… we have strong ratings in the group you are trying to reach and we’ve had crazy success with golf promotions over the last couple of years!
    Even if you don’t want to do any ads now I am really anxious to finally get some golf instruction!! Hope to talk soon!
    Paul Fuller
    cell 573-7612

  7. Mike lee says:

    Best of Luck!

  8. richard desimone says:

    best of luck

  9. Michael Schwab says:

    Please let me know when the indoor center will open. thanks

  10. John Farber says:

    Please keep me informed of opening.

  11. Mickey Caparco says:

    sign me up…..!!

  12. Greg Marderosian says:

    What is the address/hours of operation? my son gets out of school early on Wednesday and wants to come around 2-230 every week

  13. Good afternoon, Mike –
    Congratulations on your new venture. Please add my me to your newsletter distribution. I would be very interested in both attending the Grand Opening, as well as utilizing the facilities over the winter months.
    Thank you.
    Best –
    Steve Iannuccilli

  14. Chris Rhodes says:

    Congratulations Mike!!!
    Looking forward to seeing you this winter!
    And yes, I have already forwarded your announcement to Alvey and Doug!
    See you soon!

  15. Corey Centracchio says:

    Good Luck Mike looks Great!!!

  16. Alin says:

    Mike thanks for opening an indoor center. I caught the golf bug 4 years ago and have made steady progress since (high 80s low 90s) but it seems like I take for steps back in the winter and need a month to get back into my groove. I hope keeping my swing going in the winter will help. Looking forward to seeing the facility.

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