Read what Mike Harbour Golf PGA and LPGA tour professionals and students have to say about Mike.

PGA Testimonials

“Mike Harbour displays all the qualities necessary in any top instructor.  Professionally, Mike excels at putting theory into practice. He is able to communicate effectively, the fundamentals of golf and break them down in ways that students can benefit and improve.  His high personal standards and work ethic could only heighten the quality of any program.  His sense of humor and personality lends itself naturally in an instructor-student setting. Mike’s consistent advice and guidance has led to my success and is the finest instructor I have met.”
-Patrick Sheehan, PGA Tour Player, Orlando, Florida

LPGA Testimonials

“Mike Harbour is an extremely knowledgeable instructor.  He understands how much his students can handle at once, which allows the student enough time to grasp and master the change before moving on.  Mike sticks to solid fundamentals, yet allows for individuality in the golf swing.  He communicates the changes as well as the reasons for the changes in order for the students to truly understand what they are doing and why.  Mike has great patience, positivity, and passion for every one of his students.“
-Anna Grzebien, LPGA Tour Player, West Palm Beach, Florida

“After being away from competitive golf for 10 years, Mike helped me get my game back to a competitive level and qualify for the LPGA Championship. He really made it easier to understand my swing and what I needed to work on. He’s also very patient and understands the different needs of his student. He is my hero, on the course and off the course! Thank you Mike!”
-Debbi Koyama, LPGA

Recreational Golfers

“I have been working with Mike Harbour on my golf game for 2 years. I have been playing golf a good part of my life and have worked with many professional teachers. I really believe in Mike’s approach to teaching. Mike has a great understanding of the swing and communicates his straightforward message clearly. He has improved my practice routine and in turn made me a more consistent player. My handicap hit a personal best this year. If you want to be a better player, listen and trust in Mike Harbour. It’s an investment that pays excellent dividends.” 
-Jack Martin, Palm Desert, California

“I started working with Mike a year ago and in that time; I have finally become a golfer. Struggling with the game of golf for twenty-five years and never moving forward, all with a bunch of qualified PGA instructors. Mike really diagnosed what I needed to do and had a real plan for my success. There is nothing better than arriving for a lesson and having a teacher say, “I have been thinking about you all week and let’s try this”. Mike cared about my long-term success and not just for the hour I was 
with him.”
-Mark Bordman, Palm Desert, California